A Visual Representation of "Of Mice And Men"

A Book By John Steinbeck

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The Beginning

George and Lennie are both traveling to their new job after Lennie got them in trouble for grabbing a girl's dress in Weed. The bus driver dropped them off 10 miles from the ranch forcing them to walk. Along the way they slept by the brush just over the hill and out of sight of the ranch.

The Road

The Road

Lenniw and George are on the right heading down the road to the new ranch.



George is a friend of Lennie and his Aunt Clara, whom he promised to look after when she was gone and ever since then they have traveled on the road together.



Lennie lived with his Aunt Clara who took care of him and became friends with George. They have been traveling and working together ever since his Aunt died.

The Ranch

George and Lennie arrive at the Ranch and meet Candy and his dog. Candy welcomes them to the ranch and says the boss is sore at them for being a day late while he walks them to the main building. In there they meet the boss who warns them that nothing gets by him and that they better cause no trouble. After their meeting Candy takes them to the bunk house.


Curly Meets Lennie

Curley enters the bunkhouse looking for his wife when he sees the two new ranch hands George and Lennie.  George introduces them but Curley takes offense to Lennie for not talking and immediatly dislikes him. After a while Curley leaves the bunkhouse and George tells Lennie to avoid Curley and move to the other side of the room if he enters.


Slim Gives Lennie a Puppy

George never liked it when Lennie pet dead mice because they were soft, and he would always kill them so he promised Lennie the first chance he got he would give Lennie a puppy. George told Lennie that because the puppy was bigger Lennie wouldn't kill it so he could keep it longer. At the ranch they discovered that Slim just had some new puppies so they asked slim for one which Slim said he'd be glad to give Lennie.


The Fight

Curley came into the bunkhouse again looking for his wife so the men said they didn't know where she was. Curley was still curious and asked where Slim was. They told him Slim was in the barn working on a horse shoe so Curley thought Slim was with his wife ran to the barn to fight him.

After the misunderstanding was over and they all returned to the bunkhouse, Curley saw Lennie still smiling from the dream he shared with George and thought Lennie was laughing at him. This made Curley very mad so he started punching Lennie repeatedly. George then told Lennie to fight back so Lennie grabbed his hand breaking every bone in it. Lennie apologized for hurting Curley while they prepared to get him to the doctor in town.


Lennie meets Crooks

While all the men were at the town fixing up Curleys hand, Lennie made his way to the barn to pet his pup when he wandered into Crooks room. Crooks was a very lonely black man with a crooked back, but he saw the chance to have some power over Lennie and a person to talk to. Crooks teased Lennie about George not returning until Lennie grew angry at Crooks. Before long everybody returned from the Doctor and George went and got Lennie.

Lennie and Crooks

The Murder

In the morning while all the men were playing games Lennie went into the barn to pet his puppy. The pup acted like he was going to bite Lennie so he smacked it, killing it. Then Curley's wife came in and started talking to him about how she was always lonely and couldn't do anything with any of the guys or talk to anybody but Curley. The conversation eventually came to how Lennie liked to pet Rabbits and soft things so she let him touch her hair. Lennie in a panic couldn't let go when Curley's wife said to and accidentally broke her neck.

Into the brush

Lennie realising he did something bad, ran away to the brush where he and George slept the night before.


Candy was looking for Lennie with the money to get the house of their dreams when he entered the barn and found Curley's Wife dead so he called for George.


George entered the barn and saw what happened and knew Lennie did it; he asked Candy to call for the men and left.

When everybody else arrived on the scene they sent a kill party after Lennie because they thought he took a gun too.


George found Lennie just in the brush where they had slept the night before and talked to him about their dream to own their own place. He did this while pulling out the gun and pointed it at the back of Lennie's head. He then shot Lennie after he finished telling the story in order to protect him from Jail or what Curley's rage would do to him.

Curley petting sexy's hair


Of Mice And Men Visual Representation

By Connor Gavitt